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Spiced tea pt 3


India has a very low rate of people getting Alzheimer’s disease. People that are over 65 years old living in certain rural areas of India has less than 1 percent (0.84%) chance of developing the disease. In the larger cities and rural areas of India there is only about 2.4 percent. Cur cumin and turmeric are both used by the Indians for cuisine and other edible resources. Turmeric is able to prevent cancer-causing toxins, blocks estrogen receptors, enzymes that produce cancer, stops growth of new blood vessels in the cancerous tumors, and so much more. Many people say this is due to the tangy thai chai tea and spicy chai tea that many of the people living there enjoy

Spiced tea pt 2 (ingredients)

Check out some of the tasty ingredients of spiced tea here:

 Sweeteners/Sugar – Sugar is sucrose that becomes glucose and glucose gives us energy it is our energy. It keeps our body sustaining a regular temperature. Although everybody knows too much is bad, everything is bad when they are over consumed. Spiced tea can be prepared with or without sugar because some prefer unsweetened chai.

Cinnamon – one of the most popular spices in the whole world due to its very pleasing aroma and flavour when added to cuisine and beverages not only pleasing to the palette, benefits are still present. Cinnamon helps aid against colds, flu and sore throat. Cinnamon eases menstrual cramps in women, stomach aches, giving warmth to the body, restorative to the nervous system, and boost up our brain activity.

Cloves- Also is a very aromatic spice, that helps restore body heat, prevents catching colds/flues are in season, relieve tooth aces, gives fresher breath, nausea and gastric upsets.

Star Anise – traditionally used in china also for medicinal and cuisine uses. Star anise also helps fight against the avian influenza.

Nutmeg – helps support the digestive system, nausea, decreases the risk of mucous membranes in the throat from dying, due to smoking.

Ginger – helps being a digestive aid, help ease sickness and nausea, Ginger is very high in vitamin C and helps as a antioxidant. The roots help fight against heart diseases and cancer even Alzheimer’s.

Vanilla – the sweet exotic aroma vanilla not only delicious can also be added to spicy chai tea. Vanilla helps improve one’s appetite.

Spiced tea pt 1

Spiced Tea |Facts & Benefits

           Throughout history India has been well-known for their love and usage of spices. Spices have been part of their culture and tradition. India produces a variety of spices, many of which are native to the Subcontinent, like other in countries different spices were imported from similar climates and have been cultivated locally for centuries. Spices have been used by Indians because of the medicinal value and as they say it is a “natural Viagra”. Spiced tea or Masala chai , or our take on it here tangy thai chai tea , originated from the South Asia, mainly India.

                   Who would have thought that spices could also be use in tea? Yes, Spiced tea has many benefits, it tastes good as well! Very flavourful and aromatic due to different spices added. Not only does the tea have its own benefits but the spice you will add as well. Let me list down for you tea lovers the nutritional benefits of spiced tea when consumed in our body and facts about them.

Assam or black tea – this helps reduce overpowering the spices and sweeteners. Black Assam tea is well known for its malty flavour it originated in India, along the Brahmaputra River and close to the borders of Bangladesh and Burma. The Assam region is known for being the largest tea growing cultivators in the world that has a long season; they also cultivate camellia sinensis plants. As many other teas, black tea is also packed with antioxidants that help fight against free radicals and cancer-growing cells, But black tea is not as packed as green or white teas. Black tea contains caffeine which is another reason why some people do not like it, that is also why the tea may be revised, though the traditional way is matchless.

Many tea lovers’ nowadays enjoy making spiced tea using other types of teas and making their own tea recipe adding the types of herbs and spices they want creating their very own version. Black teas help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, help improve blood circulation; It also decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and decrease the risk of damage cell that may lead to cancer. Enhance our immune system, very helpful in relieving the tensions and nerves.

Milk – everybody needs milk to build up our bones stronger, milk is highly rich in calcium and our body and bones need calcium. yes spicy chai tea has milk in it, whether it be cow milk or buffaloes though it is stated in the ingredients for this tea that buffaloes milk is used, however *if you don’t like putting milk you can always replace it with water anyways*

Health Benefits of Yerba mate PT 1


If you are wondering is yerba mate good for you then just keep on reading as this article will start discussing the health benefits of yerba mate, followed up by our second article about the yerba mate health benefits part 2.

Combine citrus flavors with tasty yerba mate

Citrus mate

citrus mate

There are numerous health benefits of yerba mate. Yerba mate is an herbal infusion, or tisane made by steeping the dried leaves of this plant. Ilex paraguariensis, the scientific name for yerba mate, is widely grown in South American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. For centuries, it has been drunk due to its medicinal purposes.

A healthy immune system is necessary to help prevent certain diseases. To boost your immunity, vitamins and minerals are needed. Yerba mate contains vitamins A, C, E, and B complex. It also has minerals such as zinc, phosphorous, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium and magnesium. Yes, it has all the vitamins and minerals that are also found in food supplements.

If you have not made yerba mate before then I suggest reading how to make yerba mate as it will give you some helpful tips on how to cook the best cup of yerba around!

Chinese tea pt 2

I hope you have had time to read my first post about Chinese tea located here chinese tea . Now please read on and find out more about this type of tea!

Various tea processing yields different kinds of tea: white, green, oolong, and black. White and green teas are less oxidized, oolong is partially oxidized, and black tea is the most oxidized. Those are just the main categories of tea. However, using different strains of the camella sinensis plant, coupled with the differences in the steps of processing, tea produces countless varieties, even amounting to 1,000 named varieties. The regions in China where these teas are grown also influence the tea variety. Apparently, the growing conditions influence the tea’s characteristics but mostly the variations come from the differences in processing.

Chinese tea is traditionally served in a gaiwan, a cup used for drinking tea. The tea is brewed in a small teapot and is served in matching teacups. Drinking tea is one of the Chinese’s traditions that have been adopted in many countries. Today, tea is not only enjoyed by the Chinese, but by many people all around the world with different cultures and traditions.


Chinese tea generally refers to the beverage coming from the leaves of the camella sinensis plant which are processed using traditional Chinese methods. The tea plant is grown in many countries around the world but the finest tea comes from China, where tea was first found. The sub-tropical climate of China makes it suitable for tea trees to grow.

Before tea is what it is now, the Chinese already enjoyed drinking tea for thousands of years. At first, it was thought to be a medicinal concoction. As time passed, drinking tea has been a part of the Chinese culture, being served to guests as special beverage or simply for pleasure. Today, Chinese drink about 4-6 cups of tea a day, after every meal and in other times of the day.

Long before modern tea preparations are available, tea leaves are picked, and boiled to produce the beverage. Tea leaves are even chewed to enjoy its juicy extract. As the Chinese became specific with their tea production, tea leaves have been dried, processed, and the traditional way of boiling has turned into brewing.

Stay tuned for more information about Chinese tea!

What is chai tea

What is chai tea you might be asking yourself? This crazy buzz word that is flung around like no ones business, but the reality is that no one really knows what is a chai tea… until they read this article that is 🙂

Nowadays, tea houses are becoming known, contending with coffee shops all around the world when it comes to popularity and taste. Masala chai (spiced tea), or commonly known as “chai tea” is usually the highlight of tea and milk tea houses. Aside from its benefits, chai tea is usually drunk as a recreational beverage comparable to milkshakes and coffee lattes. In fact, chai lattes are becoming popular in this day and age. Some like it like this spicy chai and yet others will enjoy a more modern twist like this vanilla rooibos chai which I am thinking actually belongs over at http://rooibosvanilla.wordpress.com/ !
Chai tea comes from South Asia, particularly in India. India is one of the world’s largest tea producers. For centuries, chai tea has been served in India’s households, and each family has their own way of making chai tea. Chai tea has four primary ingredients and is never complete without any of these: black tea, milk, sugar and spices.
The black tea usually used in chai tea is Assam tea, a black tea named after a region in India where this tea is cultivated. Assam tea is recognized by its strong, rich flavor. It is particularly used so that the taste of black tea will not be masked when added with milk, sweeteners and other spices.
Buffalo’s milk is usually added to chai tea in the Indian culture. Western countries have added whole milk and some health conscious consumers put non-fat dairy milk. Condensed milk is also an alternative for those who want to achieve a sweeter taste, reducing or eliminating the use of sugar and sweeteners.
White sugar is usually used, but brown sugar, syrups, and even honey, can be added. Sugar is added depending on personal preference. Some eliminate the use of sugar but it is an important ingredient since it neutralizes the effect of the spices and brings out the flavor of the milk and black tea.
Finally, chai tea is never itself without the spices. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and pepper are the ones usually added. They give heat and warmth to the drink and are also responsible for many of the health benefits chai tea offers.
Chai teas are now sold in stores and are available in many variants: in teabags, liquid concentrates, and powdered mixes. Teabags contain black tea with spices and is brewed in hot milk, and added with sugar. It can also be brewed in hot water before adding milk and sugar. Bottled, ready to drink preparations are also available so you can enjoy chai tea anytime, anywhere.

Roibos |Skin Care Benefits | Feeling Good Inside and Out with Roibos

Indeed, beauty doesn’t really last a lifetime, even the most beautiful faces known in the crust of the earth such as that of Marilyn Monroe’s or Hedy Lamar’s (Samson and Delilah) have faded as the years gone by. But if there is a way to prevent premature aging or keep ourselves younger-looking without the need of too much cosmetics and surgeries and painful stuffs like that wouldn’t it be so great?
Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? To go out to the mall wearing pink or be able to wear almost anything? But perhaps beauty just comes out naturally. Do you know that one of the funny facts about our skin is that it’s the biggest organ in our body? After one’s eyes, skin is the next thing most people look into during first meetings or during simple to serious chats. Your skin can tell people how happy, sad, or stress you are even how well you do with your recent job. That is why; the need to take care of your skin is a MUST!
You must have heard how certain “super food” can actually help you ensure a healthy and long-lasting beauty from inside and out. However, you might ask “Maybe these super foods are super expensive too?” Well not really. Some can just be found in your garden, the nearest grocery store to your house or nowadays in the ease of your computer monitors.

One super food you shouldn’t dare miss is Roibos or Rooibos tea. If you don’t know what is rooibos then don’t worry as I have you covered 😉 South African natives call it “bossie tea” though, which is a less tongue-twisting version. It has originated in the harsh savannas of South Africa and processed into perfection to give you the health benefits you’ll surely love.

Get the MOST Anti-Aging Properties from Roibos and green rooibos!
Roibos has more powerful antioxidants than your ordinary green tea which helps your skin stay smooth, young and healthy.These are only some of the rooibos health benefits that you can get from drinking this amazing brew! Antioxidants are actually vitamins and minerals along with enzymes that guard your cells and tissues during the oxidation process. The latter is a natural skin process which results to ugly free radicals. Your body needs antioxidants as much as water is to a fish! By drinking Roibos tea, high amounts of antioxidants are supplied to your tissues thus giving you a younger-looking skin and feeling. It’s not just super hydrating; it does not only promote skin restoration but also maintains your inner organs such as heart, liver and lungs.

After enjoying a nice cup of roibos tea, try putting aside your roibos tea bag inside your fridge, let it cool and you can already use the loose leaf for facial mask. Roibos are now being used in beauty spas for facials. Applying roibos directly onto your face and body can result to a visibly more hydrated, younger-looking skin. It helps your skin prevent and get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and age spots naturally.
Roibos also aids in weight loss diet plans. This may sound really crazy but daily dose of roibos tea can help you achieve a flat stomach. It minimizes the amount of calories your body absorbs each time you eat. That’s why it’s ideal to drink it before or after meals.
There are absolutely a lot more skin benefits you can get from roibos tea. Be amazed and check out for more articles on our site. Also, as a special note if you are carrying a little baby with you make sure to check out rooibos and pregnancy to find out how good this drink is for you and your ability to continue to enjoy it while being pregnant! As another note, please don’t forget to stop by vanilla rooibos and take a look at that blog, located at http://rooibosvanilla.wordpress.com/ .

Black tea

black tea is one of the most famous drinks worldwide. Even though popular herbal teas have emerged, black tea remains to account 90 percent of all teas sold in the Western countries. Black tea comes from the tea plant, camella sinensis, which is also the source of green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Although a variety in itself, black tea has different types according to their places of origin and their blends. There are numerous types and blends of black tea but this article will bring you the best black teas.

Keemun tea and Yunnan tea are all named from the provinces of China where they originated. Ceylon tea hails from Sri Lanka, Nilgiri tea and Darjeeling tea comes from India. Each of these regions produces distinct characteristic flavors for each black tea type. Black tea is blended with other herbs and fruits to create a unique taste. Popular tea blends include Early Grey, English breakfast, English afternoon, and Irish breakfast teas.

Darjeeling and Keemun teas are noted for its smooth, delicate fruity and flowery taste. Yunnan tea and Ceylon teas are more full-bodied, dark, and has a malty taste. Nilgiri tea has a more intense and fragrant aroma.

Earl grey tea is black tea blended with bergamot (a kind of citrus fruit) oil and other citrus fruits. English afternoon has a medium-bodied blend while English breakfast has a full-bodied blend. Irish breakfast is a blend of several kinds of black teas.

Among the types of black tea mentioned, my personal favorite would be Earl grey. It has a very distinct flavor and aroma, with a fruity blend. It has a slightly bitter and pleasant taste. Ceylon tea is the best base for Earl grey teas. It gives a strong, rich flavor in and retains good quality even when mixed with citrus and honey.

Whichever type or blend you prefer, it will always be good. With every type and every blend, you can still feel the same goodness of drinking black tea. My current favorite tea has got to be Creamy earl grey as it combines the nice strong flavor and aroma of a black tea, with the creamy and smooth flavor that only vanilla can provide. A truly amazing black tea, I would really suggest trying it out!