Health Benefits of Yerba mate PT 2

Amazing yerba mate

Caffeine helps stimulate mental focus and clarity. Yerba mate has 85 mg of caffeine, which is considered as a moderate dose compared to energy drinks and caffeinated beverages. It does not give you unwanted side effects such as headaches, insomnia, disturbed sleep patterns, and stomach irritability. It helps boost physical energy, stimulating your body to think more, and do more.

As a natural diuretic, yerba mate help reduce weight by flushing out excess body fluids. Also, during the process, unwanted toxins in body are also flushed out. Yerba mate also improves the process of thermogenesis, or heat production, in our body. The more body heat is produced, the more calories are burned. Another mechanism how yerba mate help us lose weight is through depressing the appetite. The caffeine in yerba mate is also responsible for this effect. Thus, drinking yerba mate can help reduce the risk of becoming obese by lifestyle-related activities.

It has been a known practice in South America to use yerba mate as a treatment for digestion and elimination problems. Yerba mate increases the flow of bile, which, in turn, increases the rate of absorption of food in our body, particularly fatty foods. It also enhances intestinal transit and thus, helps prevent indigestion and constipation.

With the numerous health benefits of yerba mate, surely you can say that this beverage is one of a kind. It is nature’s gift to us. Along with proper diet and regular exercise, yerba mate can help us maintain that healthy habit.

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Is tea Healthy pt 2!!!

Hope you had a good time reading my previous post about if tea is healthy or not and hopefully it helped out with some info. Just wanted to point out as well that in no way, shape, form (other than maybe seeing one on tv) am I a doctor, health physician, or anyone that you should be taking your lifestyle hints from. I am writing about things I have found online, read in magazines, or heard from other people. This is my disclaimer that I just want to put out there to ensure no one tries to sue me for drinking so much tea they turn bright green! 🙂 So just keep on reading and you will find out some more benefits of green tea and other teas!

So anyways, back to our regular scheduled healthy tea post….Regular drinking of tea can counteract some negative effects of smoking and can lower the risk of lung cancer. This can also beneficial to people with Type 2 diabetes for a study that proposes that compounds of green tea could help diabetics to better process sugars. It can also help one’s body to recover from radiation and can help skin bounce back post exposure. The other health benefits seen in teas include protection against tooth plaque and potentially tooth decay, improved oral health plus bone strengthening.

Enjoying daily dose of tea in moderate levels can relieve stress and anxiety. Loose leaf tea or that which is inside used tea bags can be reused as facial mud to maintain hydrated and smooth skin.  Drinking tea after meals can aid digestion and flush out toxins in your system.

These are just some of the many health benefits of tea. Wonder why it ranks second to water? It’s because tea is definitely HEALTEA! And it doesn’t really matter if it is white tea, black tea , or green tea, they are all good in their own special ways!

Is tea Healthy pt 1

Is Tea Healthy? | Healthy Dose of Tea can make you “HealTEA”

Each one of us wants to be in a perfect health condition. Who wants to get sick anyway? That’s the reason why in everything we do; we make sure that we will get the most benefits and things will be safe for us. It is a nature for humans to be mindful in what we eat or drink; we choose everything that will best profit our mind and body.

If you are a certified health-conscious individual or someone who is always on quest to search for stuffs that will keep you in a perfect shape there is something you need to know. The answer in the question: “Is tea healthy?”

Did you know that tea, based on the researches made by most health experts, contributes to an overall wellbeing of an individual? Yes, there are different types of teas which are found out to be very beneficial in our vigour because teas contain substances that can actually help us achieve good health.

Generally, tea (drinks which came from tea plant: Camellia Sinensis) contains a substance called catechins, a type of natural antioxidant. Based studies conducted by United State Department of Agriculture, the levels of antioxidants in green tea and black tea do not differ much. On their studies, green tea has an oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of 1253 and black tea an ORAC of 1128. The catechins that a tea contains have 30% dry weight in freshly picked tea leaf.

“Drinking a three or more cups of tea every day is as good for an individual as drinking a lot of water and it may even have other health benefits”, says Public health nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton and colleagues at Kings College London.

Various studies have found out that drinking tea can help fight cancers (such as colorectal, breast, colon, small intestine, skin, lung, liver, oesophagus, stomach, ovarian, pancreas, prostate and oral cancers), heart disease and diabetes. It brings mental alertness, lower cholesterol level, help lose weight, and have antimicrobial qualities. International studies also prove that tea also protect you against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, improve muscle endurance, and protect you from UV rays. So overall, if you are going to drink something, why not drink some tea as the worst case is that it is just about as good as water, best case is that it helps your body out! Try one of my favorites here Creamy earl grey as it is just an amazing mix of sweet creaminess with the amazing earl grey flavor that you have come to love!

Chinese Tea Pt 4!

Who would’ve thought that there would be so much to write about that it would take up four articles… just kidding. I am sure someone could write forever about chinese teas, and all teas in general.  I hope you have had a chance to read our previous entries about Chinese tea here:

The camella sinensis plant has various strains and is grown in different regions in China. During the processing, some steps may vary depending on the practices of each region. This is the reason why Chinese teas have numerous types, even amounting up to 1,000. Up to this date, there is no standard list on its types, but here are some known Chinese teas:

Pu’er tea. Pu’er tea comes from the Yunnan province in China. It is famous for its rich aroma and texture, which is primarily used in black teas.

Longjing tea. It is also known as Dragon Well tea. This comes from the Zhejiang province. It is a kind of green tea that grows after the cold season in the Fenghuang Mountain.

Tie Guan Yin tea. Also known as Iron Goddess tea, it is grown in the Fu Jian province. It represents the best kinds of oolong teas.

Gua Pien tea. It is grown in the An Hui province of China and is also known as Melon Seed tea. They are hand rolled, loose green tea leaves and produces excellent quality.

With all the different types of Chinese teas, you might have difficulty choosing the one that suits you best. But whatever tea you choose, you’re still lucky because the world’s finest teas are Chinese teas. Overall you can’t go wrong with teas so take a look over at our site at to see if there are any teas that you like. We have a lot of teas from China so just come take a look around!

Chinese tea Pt 3

I hope you have enjoyed reading our previous posts chinese tea and chinese tea pt 2 so here is our third installment about tea related items from China, titles Chinese tea Pt 3!

The Chinese are known for their traditional ways. Some cultures in nearby Asian countries and even some practices in the Western culture have been influenced by the Chinese. One of the practices the Chinese are known for are their traditional healing methods. Tea, a beverage enjoyed worldwide, was born in China. Chinese teas are perhaps the finest teas in the world, being cultivated in its favorable subtropical climate and processed in various ways.

There are many types of Chinese teas. All come from the same plant, camella sinensis. It is a tree that grows up to 15 feet tall and has evergreen leaves. The leaves are brewed to make the beverage.

There are four main categories of Chinese teas: white, green, black, and oolong tea. White and green teas are made from leaves which are less oxidized. Leaves are picked and dried but lack the fermentation process that black and oolong tea undergoes. During the fermentation process, the leaves are made to sweat, which is responsible for its oxidizing process. Oolong tea is moderately oxidized, while black tea is the most oxidized.