Spiced tea pt 2 (ingredients)

Check out some of the tasty ingredients of spiced tea here:

 Sweeteners/Sugar – Sugar is sucrose that becomes glucose and glucose gives us energy it is our energy. It keeps our body sustaining a regular temperature. Although everybody knows too much is bad, everything is bad when they are over consumed. Spiced tea can be prepared with or without sugar because some prefer unsweetened chai.

Cinnamon – one of the most popular spices in the whole world due to its very pleasing aroma and flavour when added to cuisine and beverages not only pleasing to the palette, benefits are still present. Cinnamon helps aid against colds, flu and sore throat. Cinnamon eases menstrual cramps in women, stomach aches, giving warmth to the body, restorative to the nervous system, and boost up our brain activity.

Cloves- Also is a very aromatic spice, that helps restore body heat, prevents catching colds/flues are in season, relieve tooth aces, gives fresher breath, nausea and gastric upsets.

Star Anise – traditionally used in china also for medicinal and cuisine uses. Star anise also helps fight against the avian influenza.

Nutmeg – helps support the digestive system, nausea, decreases the risk of mucous membranes in the throat from dying, due to smoking.

Ginger – helps being a digestive aid, help ease sickness and nausea, Ginger is very high in vitamin C and helps as a antioxidant. The roots help fight against heart diseases and cancer even Alzheimer’s.

Vanilla – the sweet exotic aroma vanilla not only delicious can also be added to spicy chai tea. Vanilla helps improve one’s appetite.


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