Is tea Healthy pt 2!!!

Hope you had a good time reading my previous post about if tea is healthy or not and hopefully it helped out with some info. Just wanted to point out as well that in no way, shape, form (other than maybe seeing one on tv) am I a doctor, health physician, or anyone that you should be taking your lifestyle hints from. I am writing about things I have found online, read in magazines, or heard from other people. This is my disclaimer that I just want to put out there to ensure no one tries to sue me for drinking so much tea they turn bright green! 🙂 So just keep on reading and you will find out some more benefits of green tea and other teas!

So anyways, back to our regular scheduled healthy tea post….Regular drinking of tea can counteract some negative effects of smoking and can lower the risk of lung cancer. This can also beneficial to people with Type 2 diabetes for a study that proposes that compounds of green tea could help diabetics to better process sugars. It can also help one’s body to recover from radiation and can help skin bounce back post exposure. The other health benefits seen in teas include protection against tooth plaque and potentially tooth decay, improved oral health plus bone strengthening.

Enjoying daily dose of tea in moderate levels can relieve stress and anxiety. Loose leaf tea or that which is inside used tea bags can be reused as facial mud to maintain hydrated and smooth skin.  Drinking tea after meals can aid digestion and flush out toxins in your system.

These are just some of the many health benefits of tea. Wonder why it ranks second to water? It’s because tea is definitely HEALTEA! And it doesn’t really matter if it is white tea, black tea , or green tea, they are all good in their own special ways!


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