Is tea Healthy pt 1

Is Tea Healthy? | Healthy Dose of Tea can make you “HealTEA”

Each one of us wants to be in a perfect health condition. Who wants to get sick anyway? That’s the reason why in everything we do; we make sure that we will get the most benefits and things will be safe for us. It is a nature for humans to be mindful in what we eat or drink; we choose everything that will best profit our mind and body.

If you are a certified health-conscious individual or someone who is always on quest to search for stuffs that will keep you in a perfect shape there is something you need to know. The answer in the question: “Is tea healthy?”

Did you know that tea, based on the researches made by most health experts, contributes to an overall wellbeing of an individual? Yes, there are different types of teas which are found out to be very beneficial in our vigour because teas contain substances that can actually help us achieve good health.

Generally, tea (drinks which came from tea plant: Camellia Sinensis) contains a substance called catechins, a type of natural antioxidant. Based studies conducted by United State Department of Agriculture, the levels of antioxidants in green tea and black tea do not differ much. On their studies, green tea has an oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) of 1253 and black tea an ORAC of 1128. The catechins that a tea contains have 30% dry weight in freshly picked tea leaf.

“Drinking a three or more cups of tea every day is as good for an individual as drinking a lot of water and it may even have other health benefits”, says Public health nutritionist Dr. Carrie Ruxton and colleagues at Kings College London.

Various studies have found out that drinking tea can help fight cancers (such as colorectal, breast, colon, small intestine, skin, lung, liver, oesophagus, stomach, ovarian, pancreas, prostate and oral cancers), heart disease and diabetes. It brings mental alertness, lower cholesterol level, help lose weight, and have antimicrobial qualities. International studies also prove that tea also protect you against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, improve muscle endurance, and protect you from UV rays. So overall, if you are going to drink something, why not drink some tea as the worst case is that it is just about as good as water, best case is that it helps your body out! Try one of my favorites here Creamy earl grey as it is just an amazing mix of sweet creaminess with the amazing earl grey flavor that you have come to love!


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