Chinese tea Pt 3

I hope you have enjoyed reading our previous posts chinese tea and chinese tea pt 2 so here is our third installment about tea related items from China, titles Chinese tea Pt 3!

The Chinese are known for their traditional ways. Some cultures in nearby Asian countries and even some practices in the Western culture have been influenced by the Chinese. One of the practices the Chinese are known for are their traditional healing methods. Tea, a beverage enjoyed worldwide, was born in China. Chinese teas are perhaps the finest teas in the world, being cultivated in its favorable subtropical climate and processed in various ways.

There are many types of Chinese teas. All come from the same plant, camella sinensis. It is a tree that grows up to 15 feet tall and has evergreen leaves. The leaves are brewed to make the beverage.

There are four main categories of Chinese teas: white, green, black, and oolong tea. White and green teas are made from leaves which are less oxidized. Leaves are picked and dried but lack the fermentation process that black and oolong tea undergoes. During the fermentation process, the leaves are made to sweat, which is responsible for its oxidizing process. Oolong tea is moderately oxidized, while black tea is the most oxidized.


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