Chinese tea pt 2

I hope you have had time to read my first post about Chinese tea located here chinese tea . Now please read on and find out more about this type of tea!

Various tea processing yields different kinds of tea: white, green, oolong, and black. White and green teas are less oxidized, oolong is partially oxidized, and black tea is the most oxidized. Those are just the main categories of tea. However, using different strains of the camella sinensis plant, coupled with the differences in the steps of processing, tea produces countless varieties, even amounting to 1,000 named varieties. The regions in China where these teas are grown also influence the tea variety. Apparently, the growing conditions influence the tea’s characteristics but mostly the variations come from the differences in processing.

Chinese tea is traditionally served in a gaiwan, a cup used for drinking tea. The tea is brewed in a small teapot and is served in matching teacups. Drinking tea is one of the Chinese’s traditions that have been adopted in many countries. Today, tea is not only enjoyed by the Chinese, but by many people all around the world with different cultures and traditions.


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