Roibos |Skin Care Benefits | Feeling Good Inside and Out with Roibos

Indeed, beauty doesn’t really last a lifetime, even the most beautiful faces known in the crust of the earth such as that of Marilyn Monroe’s or Hedy Lamar’s (Samson and Delilah) have faded as the years gone by. But if there is a way to prevent premature aging or keep ourselves younger-looking without the need of too much cosmetics and surgeries and painful stuffs like that wouldn’t it be so great?
Who doesn’t want to be beautiful? Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good? To go out to the mall wearing pink or be able to wear almost anything? But perhaps beauty just comes out naturally. Do you know that one of the funny facts about our skin is that it’s the biggest organ in our body? After one’s eyes, skin is the next thing most people look into during first meetings or during simple to serious chats. Your skin can tell people how happy, sad, or stress you are even how well you do with your recent job. That is why; the need to take care of your skin is a MUST!
You must have heard how certain “super food” can actually help you ensure a healthy and long-lasting beauty from inside and out. However, you might ask “Maybe these super foods are super expensive too?” Well not really. Some can just be found in your garden, the nearest grocery store to your house or nowadays in the ease of your computer monitors.

One super food you shouldn’t dare miss is Roibos or Rooibos tea. If you don’t know what is rooibos then don’t worry as I have you covered 😉 South African natives call it “bossie tea” though, which is a less tongue-twisting version. It has originated in the harsh savannas of South Africa and processed into perfection to give you the health benefits you’ll surely love.

Get the MOST Anti-Aging Properties from Roibos and green rooibos!
Roibos has more powerful antioxidants than your ordinary green tea which helps your skin stay smooth, young and healthy.These are only some of the rooibos health benefits that you can get from drinking this amazing brew! Antioxidants are actually vitamins and minerals along with enzymes that guard your cells and tissues during the oxidation process. The latter is a natural skin process which results to ugly free radicals. Your body needs antioxidants as much as water is to a fish! By drinking Roibos tea, high amounts of antioxidants are supplied to your tissues thus giving you a younger-looking skin and feeling. It’s not just super hydrating; it does not only promote skin restoration but also maintains your inner organs such as heart, liver and lungs.

After enjoying a nice cup of roibos tea, try putting aside your roibos tea bag inside your fridge, let it cool and you can already use the loose leaf for facial mask. Roibos are now being used in beauty spas for facials. Applying roibos directly onto your face and body can result to a visibly more hydrated, younger-looking skin. It helps your skin prevent and get rid of wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and age spots naturally.
Roibos also aids in weight loss diet plans. This may sound really crazy but daily dose of roibos tea can help you achieve a flat stomach. It minimizes the amount of calories your body absorbs each time you eat. That’s why it’s ideal to drink it before or after meals.
There are absolutely a lot more skin benefits you can get from roibos tea. Be amazed and check out for more articles on our site. Also, as a special note if you are carrying a little baby with you make sure to check out rooibos and pregnancy to find out how good this drink is for you and your ability to continue to enjoy it while being pregnant! As another note, please don’t forget to stop by vanilla rooibos and take a look at that blog, located at .


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