Black tea

black tea is one of the most famous drinks worldwide. Even though popular herbal teas have emerged, black tea remains to account 90 percent of all teas sold in the Western countries. Black tea comes from the tea plant, camella sinensis, which is also the source of green tea, white tea, and oolong tea. Although a variety in itself, black tea has different types according to their places of origin and their blends. There are numerous types and blends of black tea but this article will bring you the best black teas.

Keemun tea and Yunnan tea are all named from the provinces of China where they originated. Ceylon tea hails from Sri Lanka, Nilgiri tea and Darjeeling tea comes from India. Each of these regions produces distinct characteristic flavors for each black tea type. Black tea is blended with other herbs and fruits to create a unique taste. Popular tea blends include Early Grey, English breakfast, English afternoon, and Irish breakfast teas.

Darjeeling and Keemun teas are noted for its smooth, delicate fruity and flowery taste. Yunnan tea and Ceylon teas are more full-bodied, dark, and has a malty taste. Nilgiri tea has a more intense and fragrant aroma.

Earl grey tea is black tea blended with bergamot (a kind of citrus fruit) oil and other citrus fruits. English afternoon has a medium-bodied blend while English breakfast has a full-bodied blend. Irish breakfast is a blend of several kinds of black teas.

Among the types of black tea mentioned, my personal favorite would be Earl grey. It has a very distinct flavor and aroma, with a fruity blend. It has a slightly bitter and pleasant taste. Ceylon tea is the best base for Earl grey teas. It gives a strong, rich flavor in and retains good quality even when mixed with citrus and honey.

Whichever type or blend you prefer, it will always be good. With every type and every blend, you can still feel the same goodness of drinking black tea. My current favorite tea has got to be Creamy earl grey as it combines the nice strong flavor and aroma of a black tea, with the creamy and smooth flavor that only vanilla can provide. A truly amazing black tea, I would really suggest trying it out!


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